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Born and raised in Port Clinton, Ohio, Kristina Tilson, is the creator, owner and operator of Experience the Peninsula, an online booking service for customizable adventure tours; experience all that Ottawa County has to offer with convenience, safety, and comfort of a Swig Ohio Shuttles. I love it here; I am incredibly blessed in more ways than I can count!!! 

Throughout my life I've promoted my hometown to anyone that would listen to me. My love for hospitality began in my teens as I learned how to anticipate guests' needs by always listening to them; it was a different time, and I was fortunate to have a great foundation. I developed a love for non-profit in my 20s and have been in PR/Community Relations since my 30s. I currently work as a marketing specialist and account manager, helping clients make informed decisions about their promotional spending, while providing opportunities for them to connect with 1000s of new customers on a daily basis. I love connecting people, it's my purpose and I created a platform to do that. I've worn many hats over the years and discovered I have entirely too many talents; it’s my greatest strength and was my great weakness. I am learning to concentrate on my strengths through connection and self-awareness. I believe that everything happens for a reason, the things I've done and the people I've been blessed to have in my life loved me into being here, in this place to create something I can be proud to share with everyone. I created a platform that has the potential to link every Ottawa County business together; we promote one and we promote all. We can all do a small portion to create the larger picture, it makes us stronger as a community. 

My mission: I live each day as intentionally as I can with grace, on my own path, at my own pace for the greater good.

Walleye Drop 2021- 2022

Me and my sidekick Macs

Its beautiful here year around. Port Clinton is a year around destination!!!

I love hospitality!!! These are from a time when the service industry was truly valued and appreciated! 90s

in Astoria, OR. 

Ottawa County native and founder or Swig Ohio Shuttles, Shelley Whitaker, spent over 20 years living throughout the States and experiencing the various cultures, food, wine, and craft beers our country has to offer. Wanting to build a business off of her experiences, the result was Swig Ohio Shuttles (SOS) which officially launched in June of 2021. The mission is to provide fun, safe, and affordable transportation to residents and visitors to the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region, while providing an opportunity to experience the local beer, wine and food industries.

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